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Monday - Thursday
Hours: 11am - 6pm

Friday - Saturday
Hours: 12pm - 6pm

2550 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, Utah

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A litte bit about us, Popcorn Express

Popcorn Express opened its doors in April of 2012. Boy oh boy we did not know how this adventure would change our lives for the better. When we bought the business, we hoped to just turn out a second income, not create such a wonderful clientele of people who loved popcorn. With this business came poppers, glaziers, flavorings, shakers and 500 pounds of popcorn. Not knowing anything other than the popcorn you throw into the microwave we figured how hard could it be. Aww, the sweet smell of burning popcorn, I was in a learning curve. It made for great bird feed. But we learned the hard way and now it's fantastic. Who knew making popcorn would be such hard work.

A couple of things you should know about our store. We have a great sampling table and a hollow green M&M girl. The M&M girl allows the little kids to reach inside and pick out their own little bag of popcorn. This allows the parents time alone to choose the popcorn they would like. On our tasting table is many of the flavors of popcorn we make fresh in our store and we love that you can try before you buy. Now would anyone else let you do that?

As you can see from the website, we make many varieties and are constantly looking for ideas of other recipes to try and create. If you have an idea, come in and see us. We'll see what we can do. We make the freshest popcorn in Ogden and possibly anywhere else. Our signature soft Carmel popcorn is made with real butter, soft and chewy. And ohhh sooo good. We test every single batch before it is bagged and sealed. If it doesn't meet our expectations then we toss it. We expect the highest quality to hit our show room and nothing else. Our popcorn on average is in the store for up to 10 days. We are told by the manufacturer that it is good up to 90 days but we send it out after 14 days. We donate to various family shelters.

Come on in and meet us. My name is Jeff and my best half is Julie. I promise that you won't be disappointed.