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About Popcorn Express

The fast track is now behind me and my counter part but retirement was not what it was cracked up to be. We realized, that sitting and watching life pass us by was not our idea of fun. So... we talked about starting a business of our own, and here it is. We are excited about popcorn! So excited we carry over 64 flavors at one time. This is the way retirement should be. People dropping in for a visit and a bag of fresh popcorn. If that wasn't enough, we decided to add some creamy and tasty fudge. We have no less than 10 flavors in house at a time and sometimes when creativity is at it's highest, 15. Oh did I forget to mention that we are also doing candy and popcorn arrangements? Yep! Now when you come in, you'll probably see Jeff putting together a bouquet of candy. We are now busy with so many projects! Jeff's two children can often be found in the shop, taking orders and helping out our great customers. We love it here in Utah and have placed roots down to stay for the long haul.